Thursday, April 12, 2012

Treating Barley Seed Improves Plant Health

 During our cold snap we are busy treating our barley seed. We unload seed and treat it twice before the auger delivers it to another truck. The flow as the seed is dumped from the truck is carefully regulated.
As the seed leaves the truck, it is sprayed with Bio Forge. Follow the link to learn more about how this product works to improve plant health. Regulating the flow of grain controls the amount of Bio Forge that is sprayed onto the seed as it dumped into the hopper at the base of the auger.
In the auger there is a drip of red colored fungicide. This fungicide fights soil born pathogens. It will help to keep the roots healthy as the barley plant establishes. The flow from the truck to the hopper is balanced with the intake from the hopper into the auger. Remember that using the proper amount is critical to controlling the cost of using these products. Too much product adds unnecessary expense, too little renders the treatment useless.
The seed travels the length of the auger which stirs the fungicide to cover the kernels of grain. 
Disposable gloves are used when handling the products. The coloring makes it icky on your hands. I think of it as a lotion treatment for the kernel of grain.
The seed in the truck is ready to use. 
This barley seed treatment is one of the plant health enhancements we use. 
It is part of the Cost of Production which is explained in the link. 
We keep plenty of fresh air in the building as grain is always dusty, but there are no strong odors. The coloring in the fungicide is a safety measure. Anyone can readily see that this grain is seed and not to be touched or eaten. The truck tarp will cover the box when we move it outside.
 Seed is deceiving: It looks so dead and yet is full of life.
We're expecting a warm up and will be ready to roll in GriggsDakota.

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