Monday, April 9, 2012

Today We Will Start Field Work for 2012 in GriggsDakota

 Have you heard the news? We plan to start working the fields of GriggsDakota today.
The Winter Wheat is off to a good start. It seems that there is plenty of moisture for a good Spring start. 
Farmer Fred took an available consultant, Butler, on a field inspection. 
A few weeds have started growing. Above is Shepherd's Purse. It will be important to dig those up as we plant our barley by adding the 11 inch sweeps (shovels for weed control) to the drill. 
Farmer Fred found a few extraneous objects on the inspection tour and took the opportunity to remove them. 
He found that an area farmer had started seeding. 
He found rocks. 
He dug up the ground here and there. 
The rain missed us over the weekend and for now, that is good news. 
 We are ready to go.
The rock picker will have lots of ground to cover this Spring. 
The barley seed is on the farm. 
The soil temperatures, about 45 degrees Fahrenheit will allow barley, to be planted. Daytime sunshine warms our black dirt even though the night time temperatures will drop below freezing this week. Our corn planting start date is at least a week away. Corn needs soil temperatures over 50 degrees. 
It is exciting, but we force ourselves to breathe deeply and take things one step at a time. 
Another season begins in GriggsDakota.

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