Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Salford RTS at work in GriggsDakota

 We hitched up our old work horse, the Case IH 9170, to our Salford RTS.
We use the Salford to aerate the soil. 
 This field needs to dry for a day or two before the drill plants the barley.
Last season we planted soybeans directly into corn ground from the 2010 season. We did not chop up the corn stocks before seeding the soybeans last Spring. That is a no till process.
 There are some well rotted corn stocks laying on the surface along with some trash from last season's soybean plants. The combination is holding the moisture making it too wet to seed. The Salford RTS provides minimum tillage to chop up the surface allowing the sun and air to warm and dry the soil slightly.
The gulls were enjoying the treats they found in the fresh dirt turned up by the Salford. 
It is cold here: lows in the teens Fahrenheit, highs near 40. We are not in a rush to plant until it warms a bit.   
After the Winter, the field contains interesting things: A piece of carcass probably cleaned up and left by coyotes.
An Antler which can be trouble for our tractor tire. Follow the link to Antlers and Decorating for  a look at this problem. Both the bone and the antler were reasons to stop the tractor and remove the items from the field.
A bird nest amazed me. I noticed it was somewhat protected by a rock on the North edge of the nest. 
I hope the mother bird hurries back. It is hard to imagine that the eggs can be kept warm enough to develop when the soil temperature hovers near 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 
But I left the nest undisturbed and hope for the best. 
Which is what we hope for in GriggsDakota.

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