Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Roll Towels and Washcloths

 I have always enjoyed walking into an elegant restroom and using a fresh washcloth as a hand towel. It is clean, fresh, and gets my hand completely dry. I decided to figure out how to do it at home.
Start with a clean washcloth on a clean dry surface, wrong side up. 
Fold two corners in, allowing the remaining corners to be somewhat centered. 
Flip it over. 
Fold about 1/3 up so that both corners are pointing the same way. 
Start rolling at the fold toward the remaining corner. 
Bring the corner up. 
Tuck it in to secure. 
There is a stack of cloths ready on an old tray in the corner of the bathroom.
I also keep a glass cutting board on the formica counter top. This is where we set our hot curling irons. It saves the counter top from accidental burns.
The more colorful the cloths, the prettier the display.
 I am not pretending that I do this with every washcloth that comes through the laundry. I do a fast fold and keep a stack of often used washcloths in the cupboard. When I had teenagers who seemed to be in the shower almost as much as they were at the table, I kept a bucket of clean, but never folded washcloths within reach of the shower. 
 Now that they are on their own, I use this technique to indicate that the hand towel is indeed clean. 
Just roll and stuff behind the towel bar. Great Aunt Ada told me that old towels are the best. Even guests prefer old towels because they will know that they are clean and fresh. A little wear on a towel is the sign it is a good one. It's fun to give my old things a new twist.
Hand towels are a bit more unwieldy to roll. 
I used the same basic folding technique as for the smaller cloth. 
Then roll and tuck. 
Bath towels are folded simply and rolled so that the pretty ends show. You can easily fold a bath size towel with this technique by first folding it in half to form a square and then following the technique as described for the wash cloth.
And that's how to roll towels and washcloths in GriggsDakota.

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