Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Make Easter Egg Purses

What girl doesn't need a new purse for Easter? I made purses from the scraps left over from sewing dresses for the Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst.
I've been on an egg theme this week, so made an egg-shaped pattern suitable for a girlie purse. 
 I used my basic potholder technique that was described in yesterday's post. For the purses I use only one layer of batting in each egg "potholder." That post has links to other potholder posts, but remember, I don't teach sewing classes. I assume you know the basics.
I quilted the padding to the lining of the purse. I added a magnetic closure and used heavy interfacing to give extra firmness to the fabric. The closure is a stress point that will be reinforced.
 The center of the snap is about two inches from the top of the egg.
Remember to press after every step. Do lots of pressing, usually with steam if the fabric allows. 
 Sew each egg with the right sides of the fabric together. Trim and turn it right side out. I sewed around the edge of each potholder to close my turning space and give a finish to the top.
 The magnetic clasp is set and I am going to pin our purse together.
 But the bag needs handles. I made one inch bias tape, but you might choose to use cording or ribbon.
 I folded the bias tape in half and sewed the strip together near the double edge.
Cut 24 inch pieces for handles and each purse will have two. 
A V-cut is a quick way to finish the ends of the handles. 
Tie a knot near the end of each handle. 
Each end will be folded and pinned into the seam allowance of the purse. 
Be sure that the handles are even and far enough from the top to make an adequate opening to the purse. 
Sew around each snap to hold it in place through all the layers. Remember, this is a stress point, open, close, open, close, pull apart, snap together. 
 When sewing the purse together, the handle is where you start your stitching. Backstitch to be sure that the handle is sewn securely. This is a stress point, so stitch over to be sure your handles won't fall off. Stitch around the bottom to the opposite handle and again backstitch to secure the handle.
To make the rose, I used two inch bias tape. Ribbon or lace would also work well. 
If you don't want to make roses, this would be a great place to apply a fabulous button. Sew it on inside the square that you sewed to secure the snap.
 Lay pearl cotton or any lightweight string near the double edge and zig-zag stitch over the string. Do not sew through the string.
Pull the string to gather tightly. 
Hot glue the flower by first securing the raw edge and then applying glue over your stitches. 
 Roll tightly. Bring the raw end to the back of the flower and secure with glue.
Glue flowers in place, then hand sew around the base of the flower attaching to the purse. 
Fill with tissue, lip gloss, paper, pencil and plenty of candy.
Ready for girlies on Easter Morning in GriggsDakota.

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