Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Make: Easter Egg Potholders from Quilter's Fat Quarters

Easter Egg Potholders are cute laying around the kitchen. They are useful on the table to hold hot casseroles and festive if you pass hot dishes around at your Easter Dinner.  I have given instructions on How to Make Potholders and provided A few More Details Here. 
To make a pattern I start with paper. Since a fat quarter of fabric is approximately 18 inches by 22 inches, and we need four eggs cut from each quarter, my pattern will be about 9 x11, only shaped like an egg.
I folded a sheet of tissue, but use a piece of printer paper, any paper that is handy.
Fold it in half lengthwise to find the center. 
I draw and cut until I am satisfied with the shape. 
After the shape is correct, 
I cut while the pattern is folded so the pattern is symmetrical.  
I am using 80% cotton-20%Polyester quilt batting in these potholders. I will use two layers in each. But you can use layers of any soft fabric. Old flannel or old dishtowels work well. 
I chose three pastel fat quarters from my stash. 
Pins are very important to keeping everything straight and even. Remember that we will be catching several layers as we sew.
Lay out the pattern and cut out the eggs. 
To hold the filling to the fabric, sew through the two layers of filling and ONE layer of fabric. I started out on the garden path, as you can see above. This is a quilting step that keeps the filling from shifting during washing and use.
I followed a rabbit trail or two. This is fun. I switched to stitches that I hadn't used in years. It's just potholders, so experiment and enjoy this step. 
After the quilting step, add the other layer of fabric, right sides of the outer fabric should be together. Sew around the outside being sure to catch all the layers as you sew. Stop sewing three inches from where you started. 
This leaves a place to turn the potholder right side out. 
Hand sew the three inch opening shut. 
I tried to make this one look like a hatching egg. I think that I will be sure to set it down on the table and quickly cover it with a hotdish. But then again...
To finish the potholders, topstitch about half an inch from the edge. These soften up as you wash them and get cuter with age. I will probably leave these out in my kitchen until Fall or maybe Christmas.
 Happy Easter all year long.

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