Monday, April 23, 2012

Fixing up the Old Chisel Plow

 Although they are similar in appearance, the difference between a chisel plow and a cultivator is the degree of firmness with which the shovels are able to dig into the soil. A cultivator uses up to 300 pounds of pressure applied to its tines as it works. The cultivator is a secondary tillage option meaning it digs the surface of previously worked ground. A chisel plow has up to 600 pounds of pressure to keep its shovels down and digging as it is pulled through the field.
The chisel plow loosens the soil deep into the ground. It is a primary tillage machine which means it can dig into unworked ground. The Case IH 5600 chisel plow is a heavy duty piece of  equipment. Ours is in need of some work.
The transport bearing needs to be replaced. This bearing allows the chisel plow to move into a position that trails behind the tractor and fits into a traffic lane. 
The shovels attach to the tines and do the digging in the dirt. Eventually the soil wears them down and we attach new shovels. 
The bearing is stuck and stubborn. 
Jake brings in the torch. The cart that holds the torch hose and tanks is made from a recycled wheel chair. The battle continues. I'm pretty sure that the guys are going to beat that bearing and replace it now that the torch has joined their team in GriggsDakota.

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