Friday, April 27, 2012

Seeding Barley Winds Down

 We have continued to seed barley.
In many fields, the ground is too soft to drive the trucks and fill the drills. 
So they come back to the yard, or some other firm ground, where the task can be accomplished safely. 
 The truck above contains seed and will dump the seed. The barley is then taken up to the seed tank by the auger.
 The truck box is raised and the process begins.
Jake is up on the walkway managing the hose as the tank fills. Farmer Fred opens the end gate. 
 The soil temperature has been warming slowly. It is warm enough for barley seed. 
Deer, near the shelter belt, are not afraid of our tractors.
 When we get close, they simply saunter away.
There have been minor breakdowns along the way. Hoses and tires have been repaired this week. 
 There is adequate moisture in our fields, so we have been pleased to miss the showers that have passed through the region.
 As the sun faded last night, Jake made the official announcement: 
All of the barley seed is in the ground of GriggsDakota.
Spring's work progresses in GriggsDakota, but there is snow in the weekend forecast.

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