Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AdFarm Field: Ready to Seed

I took a drive down the road to the AdFarm field. 
I stopped at the approach by the lone tree. If you have been to the field, you will remember that you can see the field from here, so I thought it would help with perspective. 
There is a rock pile near the base as is the case with many lone trees in GriggsDakota. Later in the season the grass will grow to camouflage the pile.
The AdFarm field grew soybeans last season and the ground was overly wet most of the season. 
The tree's shadow spreads on the ground in the morning sun. Most of the ground has not been tilled. 
The area where we could not plant last Spring was worked for weed control. There isn't water standing here which is a good sign.
The surface is wet, but drying. 

After our inspection, Farmer Fred went over the ground with the Salford RTS to chop the surface and speed drying. He was encouraged by the condition of the field. It will be ready for the drills when they get here to seed barley.
That will be soon if the sun continues to shine in GriggsDakota.

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