Thursday, April 19, 2012

AdFarm 2012: Barley is Seeded

Jake arrived first with the Concord Drill pulled by the Case IH 9280. 
He stopped on the edge of the field to allow the Concord to unfold. 
 One side came down first, then the other and he was ready to go.
Farmer Fred was close behind with the other drill. 
He pulled onto the AdFarm field just past the lone tree. 
Next came our Kenworth truck that we call Sterling Onyx. It contains barley seed. Behind Sterling Onyx was a truck full of fertilizer.
Farmer Fred checked the tanks and decided he could make a couple of rounds before stopping to fill the drill.
He is raising a little dust which is deceiving. The dust is from the surface and not from the soil. 
There is plenty of moisture in this ground. 
Farmer Fred is pulling the Concord Air Till Drill with our Case IH 305 Magnum tractor.  
There are a few damp spots, but no standing water on the field. Conditions are very good for seeding today. 
The cab windows offer a clear view of the drill.
 Monitors in the cab keep Farmer Fred aware of the functions of the machine behind him. 
This technology allows precise seed and fertilizer placement which will have a big impact and the crop as it emerges and roots grow into the ground to find nutrition. It's easy to dream of a bumper crop of barley today when the season is full of optimism.
A school bus driving down the road draws me back. 
Here in GriggsDakota the drills need to be filled. The seeding of barley will continue with careful attention to detail and hearts full of hope. The AdFarm barley is ready to grow.

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