Friday, March 2, 2012

Yesteryears-100 Years Ago

What has changed in 100 years? 
Many things: Improved roads, crops, elevators, electricity, trees and more have been added to the landscape.  
Or nothing, depending on the direction one looks. 
 Forest E. Witcraft famously wrote about what does and does not matter in 100 years. The link attached to his name will take you to his essay. The difference made in the life of a child could matter, but little else. I think children are allowed to smile more now, but are they happier?
When I take the color out of the photo, as I did above, it is difficult to discern when it was taken. 
 Was the photo taken then?
Or now? 
Our local paper does a Yesteryears column and 100 Years Ago has been the murky past to me, until recently. 
Iris, the girl in the photo above, remembers the happenings from 100 years ago. She was six and attending first grade in Aneta. 
Iris confesses that she does not actually have first hand memory of most of the news stories. She does, however, recall her parents discussing them. I assure her that even the editor from 100 years ago probably did not have as much first hand knowledge of the events he wrote about as we might expect in today's world.
First hand memories of 100 years ago. 
Sometimes she wonders what she would do without me now. I tell her that I hope she never finds out. But I can't bring myself to look on the other side of that coin.
The moral of the story is:  Be very careful what you put in the paper. One hundred years from now, someone in GriggsDakota may remember.

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