Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Week Ago - Winter

 We were driving home and left in clear blue skies, but we noticed quickly that the wind was blowing.
It was kicking up snow in the west, which was the direction that we would travel to GriggsDakota. 
The road provided a distinct dividing line. 
As we drove the sun continued to set. 
The sky was fascinating as sometimes it was drifting heavily. 
Quickly, there would be much less snow in the air. 
Some places seemed to not be blowing at all. 
When we turned toward the sun, we could see what had happened to the highway. 
The sun had warmed it and caused the snow to stick to it as it drifted across. 
There was an icy build up. 
Nearly home, we enjoyed the sunset. 
The snow plow pulled aside to let the traffic (both of us) pass by. 
 And we continued on our Winter way, a week ago. Was this our last Winter drive of the season?
In GriggsDakota, where today there is no snow and we are expecting 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
We March on.

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