Monday, March 12, 2012

Surprising the Teenage Boy

The older we get the less likely it is that we will surprise anyone. Our family and friends know our patterns. So it was with glee that we decided to make a quick trip to the Regional Science Fair. Hunter was surprised.
He recovered well and was happy to show us his project. 
The judging was complete by the time we arrived. We walked around and read the boards of information that the students had put together. There was an impressive variety of projects on display, all in the general field of science and engineering. 
Hunter admitted that there had been a question put to him by a judge that he could not answer. He hoped that wouldn't cost him the opportunity to be named to be a participant in the State Science Fair. That is the big prize given out on this day, plus there are many other plaques, certificates, ribbons, and cash awards.  Those who are advanced to the State Competition work for even bigger prizes.
It is a very good thing for students to get together. Academic, musical, and athletic events include both competition and social time. Many schools in Greater Dakota are small and distant from one another. It builds confidence in students to have the opportunity to step onto a larger stage.   
There are two divisions: Junior and Senior based on grade level. 
 His name is on the list, he will advance to state competition.
He was clearly relieved to be advancing.
Probably because he knows cute girls like smart boys. 
Whatever the reason, we are very proud. 
The news of success spread quickly. Modern science, taken for granted by these students, still impresses Farmer Fred and the old folks from GriggsDakota.

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  1. Yay!! Fantastico!! Nice job Hunter!!

    R and boys