Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring on the Porch

We have had days of clouds and snow, so the sun was a welcome sight. It had moved since I last stood and watched it set. It is racing back to GriggsDakota. 
I was enjoying several varieties of birds through the window. 
There has been more action at the feeder since the snow arrived to cover the ground. 
It was a Spring day on the porch. 
The sun made it warm and the flowers are blooming. 
Even petunias which must have volunteered from last Summer's flowers going to seed. 
I haven't done much to inspire this display, just a little water when I think of it. 
But the petunia blossoms were big enough to remind me that it won't be long until Easter arrives with its lilies. 
The porch is like a tanning bed on a day like this. I know its not really the beach, but I don't care. 
The flowers, well watered today, make it feel tropical. 
 As long as I kept my eyes on them and didn't look through the glass, its a warm day.
We can let the birds flit and fret about the weather. 
And wait for the sun to return warm days to GriggsDakota.

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