Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Fog Storm

The air overnight remained warm. 
The ice is still in place on the lake. 
 The wind blew up from the South.
It raised fog off the ice. 
 It blew in billows across the road.
The blackbird kept on calling. 
The visibility was only limited in the area that blew over the ice, then drifted on in the wind. 
Like a snowstorm, and nothing like a snowstorm. 
It would pause and feel peaceful. 
Then rise up again. 
Another blackbird answered the call. 
The cows seem not to notice the storm at all. 
 They are happy and warm.
We are not sure that Winter is over. 
It seems like the Winter that wasn't. 
Our neighbors commented that they had never seen anything quite like this before. 
So I was glad that I stopped to take the photos. 
Even though I was running a little late that morning in GriggsDakota.


  1. GREAT PICS!!!! Every day is another craz, unpredictable weather event. Rrally need rain at home. Fire danger is HIGH!

  2. Really need to find glasses when responding on my phone! So mamy errors I miss! YIKES!