Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The River Thaws Out

This is the information age, after all. 
So perhaps, you have heard that the weather skipped traditional Spring. 
At least, it seems so in GriggsDakota. 
 The river has responded.
 Our snow has often melted in March.
 But the usual March melt is thaw and freeze.
 Warm Day then Cold Night.
We are not used to overnight lows in the fifties, highs in the seventies, during March. 
We claim that March floods are not fast and furious and destructive.
 This year could have been different, but there was little snow to melt.
And so, we skipped the season of mud and flood. 
There were temperatures that we don't expect until June chasing away Winter. 
 The trees seem to be hurrying to catch up to the season.
 It has crossed my mind that I hope the tender green doesn't get caught by the cold.
 Warm days can give way to freezing cold with a switch of the wind in March. In truth, that can happen any day of the year in GriggsDakota.
We may be in the field in a couple of weeks. 
But we know better than to count on it in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Sounds somewhat familiar although we skipped Winter and went directly into Spring around December. Now the weather seems like summer and some of the less patient farmers have started planting corn. Hopefully a late frost doesn't come back and bite them.