Thursday, March 15, 2012

Louden Barn Equipment 1918 Catalog

 In the GriggsDakota attic I found this catalog. It is a hardcover book from 1918.
Inside the cover is an empty brown sack that probably held the order blank. It is empty. My Grandfather ordered parts for the farm he was building from this catalog.
The year, 1918, is the year he built the old GriggsDakota farmhouse. 
The photos in the catalog are very similar to some of the original buildings here. 
The tracks are similar to some still in use. 
The Louden Barn Equipment was well established in Iowa by 1918. 
They had been in business for 50 years and assured their customers of quality. 
This was probably my Grandfather's dream book. He longed to build a big barn and even bought some of the iron he would need for the project. 
I was amused by this page. It is an attempt to portray wooden stanchions as very uncomfortable for the cows. In fact they are as uncomfortable as stocks are for people. The iron stanchions sold by the company made for much happier cows. 
The catalog sold everything you would need for a barn exterior except the wood. 
 And everything you would need for the barn interior, iron gates, pens, troughs, and pulleys.
 There were photos of barns that had been built with their parts. They had architects available to help their customers. 
I was interested in this Salt roll and holder. 
At some point, The Louden Barn Equipment Company must have decided that salt and iron don't mix. This bowl, made of crockery, holds a salt lick roll or loose salt. There must have been a good clamping system to keep these from breaking. The crock is in perfect condition and cows are not careful.  
Grandpa was never able to build his big barn. He saved the money twice and lost it. Once when the elevator went broke and again during the 1930's. Eventually the iron pulleys and pieces that he had purchased went to a neighbor whose fittings were worn out. 
I'm glad we found his dream book in GriggsDakota.


  1. Found rare books, for those looking... 2 free full versions in PDF of:
    (1) 1915 Louden hay unloading tools, barn door hangers, specialties catalogue no 45 (84pages).

    (2) The mammoth 1916 general catalogue no 46 - Louden hay unloading tools, barn and garage door hangers, dairy barn equipment, litter, feed, merchandise, and milk can carriers, horse stable equipment, cupolas, ventilators, drains, etc., hardware general catalog (240pages). Even includes a price list around page 222 !!!

    Mr. Jasmin Desmarais
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  2. I have one of those crocks - whats it worth