Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joan River and a Visitor

 We call this ditch the Joan River in the Springtime and we rejoice when it begins its annual run.
 Last year at this time, we were still knee deep in Winter.
Over the weekend, our weather took a turn right toward Spring. 
 We have our own reflecting pool in the Joan River, where the ice is blocking the water flow.
The Joan River has a spot or two that is treacherous this time of year, if you were foolish enough to wander into it. 
At its worst, it is a friendly flow that takes the snow pack to the nearby lake. 
 From there it moves on, often spilling over and making a mess, but not this year.
 Every spot where the snow has melted needs to be investigated by Butler.
Butler called me over to the window well where he had cornered a visitor. 
I suppose I should count this muskrat as a resident. There is a muskrat house close by. But he was not invited to my house. 
 There was even a spot of green on the warm side of the house.
The geese have returned and their calls seem to beg Spring to stick around in GriggsDakota. 
Please allow me to join the chorus.


  1. Spring hit in north central ND too. The story you share is similar to ours. We have a creek that runs in the spring and we feel like you do when your Joan River runs!

  2. Oh how I love short winters and warm springs! I hope this good thing can keep going!!

    - Joe