Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Combine Inspection

 The Farm Inspector was happy to find the combine and snapped its portrait.
As she inspected, she wanted to be sure that the guys knew how to put the corn head back together. 
 The Farm Inspector found a corn cob near the combine and it reminded her of Summertime.
She is a very conscientious inspector of corn.
The Farm Inspector is impressed with the Tracks on the 2388
The Farm Inspector expects that the Ag Analyst will be much braver in 2012. 
The Inspector remembers how hard she worked to be brave when she was little.
Now she loves a combine. 
Even on Sunday. 
Or, maybe, especially on Sunday. 
The Ag Analyst was dubious. 
The Farm Inspector knows that the Ag Analyst will learn.  
She has a good teacher around in the Summertime. 
And The Farm Inspector can hardly wait.

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