Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank You Mustangs!

 What is a favorite winter pastime in GriggsDakota?
Watching basketball, of course. 
This season our favorite team played in gyms about three hours away. We traveled over 5000 miles to follow this team through their season. GreaterDakota is a big place.
They didn't pack the stands, but those of us who followed them faithfully have no regrets. 
We are very proud of the Mustangs. 
The biggest boy on the team was also the youngest boy on the team and the youngest boy on any team they played against. 
He was able to learn a lot from the big boys on the team, all of them shorter, but older. 
It wasn't easy, but it was fun. 
Thank you, Mustangs, for making the winter speed by. Hold your heads up high. 
And remember, your days of being the little boy with the big talent are numbered. 
Work hard every day. 
It's the GriggsDakota way.

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  1. Made me cry on a Friday morning, Mom! Thank you. What an amazing winter in the stands it was. You are loyal fans. We love you!