Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take A Leap Today

Guess What Ladies! Today is Leap Day! 
Just a minute, don't be too hasty. 
Today is the day for ladies to choose their gentleman. 
Girls of all ages 
Are free to take the leap 
There will be no swimming away 
A girl can catch you today. 
Single girls everywhere are preparing to take a leap. 
And hopes she finds a safe place to fall. 
The planning has been going on for four years. 
No disguise will hide you from the pursuing maidens. 
Not even tights. 
No matter how clever your scheme. 
Bachelors will be lined up with their ladies by the end of Leap Day. 
There will be great celebration! 
And some day, when the man is old and gray, he will thank her.


  1. your finale' "and some day, when theman is old and grey, he will thank her" that would be the perfect ending.

  2. I think I aged better then than I actually am now. I still liked the suit costumes and really wish I could have kept them.
    What a trip down memory lane!