Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seed Soybeans On the Truck

I think that this is a sign of Spring! 
Our Seed Soybeans are being hauled away. 
 Somewhere farmers are planning to grow Asgrow Soybeans on their farms in 2012.
They will use certified seed grown in GriggsDakota for Asgrow. 
Asgrow sends a supervisor and the trucks. 
 The supervisor makes the calls and manages the operation carefully.
I love the sight of grain flowing into a truck. 
The truck drivers are in the driver's seat as truck fills.  
From his perch on the truck, the supervisor can signal the truck driver to pull ahead and stop. The truck driver sees him in his rear view mirror.
 The truck driver pulls ahead as the truck fills front to back, evenly and fully. The soybeans are hauled to Asgrow's  processing plant to be cleaned and bagged, put into totes, or sold in bulk as seed. 
Multiplication at its finest as we work to produce food for a hungry world. All part of the circle in

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  1. Love the pics JK!! Happy Day...

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