Wednesday, February 22, 2012

November through February

 Everyone makes educated guesses, I suppose.
We are taught from an early age to evaluate and estimate. 
 From the photos I am posting, taken this week in GriggsDakota, you might assume it is November.
 When in fact it is late February.
This winter has been a November rewind, month after month. 
Whenever we have gotten together for a meal with family and friends, 
We proclaim that it feels just like Thanksgiving. 
Four months like November in GriggsDakota is appreciated.
 We honestly have never experienced any winter remotely like this one. I like to think that we paid for this winter in advance with our cold wet Spring and Summer in 2011. 
We had to drive just a little slower than the posted limit in order not to slip off the road by the end of the day. 
The forecast is that the snowy weather will continue for a week or more, but we don't mind. When November hangs on until late February, we are content to let Winter roar into GriggsDakota.

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