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November Farmer Fred Award-Veteran's Day 2011

When the corn has been harvested, the cows enjoy feasting on the corn that is left behind in the field. This year, with little snow, the fields have been hosting cattle for longer than ever before. 
The November Farmer Fred Award Runner-up is
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My dad, referred to as Grandpa Sonny, is a Veteran. He spent time in Italy while in the Army. He came home and went to college on the GI Bill. When I was little, he talked about Italy so much that I thought we were Italian... and Norwegian, of course. My mom makes the best Lasange around and I learned to count to ten in Italian before I went to school. I don't think that I ever could count in Norwegian, or maybe Norwegians can't count... 
That's another blog post for another day. 
Today we are happy to announce
The November Farmer Fred Award is presented to:

Veteran's Day 2011
originally posted on November 11, 2011

Today is Veteran's Day in the United States of America. Poppies always remind me of Veterans. 
Did you memorize John McCrae's poem "In Flander's Fields" while in school? It was a favorite of my high school English teacher. Click on the link to read the text and find some information on the poem and its author provided by Arlington National Cemetery.
 It is a poem often recited at flag waving Ceremonies, 
or in flag draped cemeteries. 
Some of the flags are carried by Veterans. It is easy to spot Veterans at those ceremonies and to remember their service to our country.
Most other times, Veterans are difficult to pick out of a crowd. 
 I think the flag draped cemeteries explain a lot about Veterans.
Veterans are lucky.
Veterans returned to enjoy the country they served. 
Perhaps no one understands that privilege as well as the Veteran himself. 
So he smiles. 
And remembers the good times. 
Thanks, Dad.

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