Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dakota Grown Foods Conference Photos

I have a post started about a topic of discussion that I intended to post today about day two of the Dakota Grown conference. But, it's pretty late in the day. And I'm a little road weary after the long trek home. Rather than risk poor content, I'll save it for tomorrow.
Until then, here's a few more photos from throughout the event:

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  1. Great pics, great presentations, and great to connect with such wonderful, passionate people like yourself! I left feeling inspired to do more, write more, connect more to ND local foods and farmers. In the meantime, I look forward to dropping in on the farm for some of that homemade pie... ;)

  2. These are great photos. I'm still digesting much of what I learned this weekend, but, like Beth, I'm inspired to write even more about the things that make North Dakota so great. I'm also soooooo hungry for CSA season to start. Make sure you stop by for some coffee next time you pass through Bis!