Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take A Leap Today

Guess What Ladies! Today is Leap Day! 
Just a minute, don't be too hasty. 
Today is the day for ladies to choose their gentleman. 
Girls of all ages 
Are free to take the leap 
There will be no swimming away 
A girl can catch you today. 
Single girls everywhere are preparing to take a leap. 
And hopes she finds a safe place to fall. 
The planning has been going on for four years. 
No disguise will hide you from the pursuing maidens. 
Not even tights. 
No matter how clever your scheme. 
Bachelors will be lined up with their ladies by the end of Leap Day. 
There will be great celebration! 
And some day, when the man is old and gray, he will thank her.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Keep a Fresh Cab with EarthKind

We feed farm cats just enough to hope that they keep hunting. 
 Our equipment is put away in every shed with a roof on it in GriggsDakota this time of year.
With the smell of grain permeated into every crack, the equipment is attractive to insects and rodents. 
So for the past several years, we have used Fresh Cab by EarthKind. It is a natural product with a  fresh piney scent that is much more pleasant than moth balls. We put it into our tractor cabs and shut the doors. It repels the rodents. It doesn't kill them, it keeps them away. But then, it doesn't kill anything else either. 
So we don't worry when the Farm Inspector goes for a winter inspection. No rodents and no poison. 
It's nice to have young people around, they help us to stay up to date. 
Robbie was the one who first brought home a box of Fresh Cab. I had long used dryer sheets to repel mice in the garage, with limited success. Fresh Cab, made by a North Dakota company, has worked much better.
Fresh Cab reduces the occupational hazards of being a hunting farm cat. It reduces our use of poison and moth balls. The cats don't ingest poison when they kill a mouse, there is not poison involved.
 My sister in law, who has done some work for this company, gave me the EarthKind Air Freshener. I have been enjoying them for a couple of months, so I thought I should let everyone know.
I put some down by the shoes in the entryway. 
I put some in my musty old Christmas Decorations Box. 
It works well in a sweaty gym bag, but be sure you like the scent. I like it much more than the sweaty smells of shorts, T-shirts, and soaking sweat socks. 
A rubber band around the top of the package allows it to be hung in a closet. 
You don't have to be a farmer to use these products. If you have a camper or boat, a few packs of Fresh Cab strategically placed in your vehicle will keep rodents away. It can give you the nice surprise of no rodent damage when the grass turns green and the lake turns blue wherever you live and in GriggsDakota.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Combine Inspection

 The Farm Inspector was happy to find the combine and snapped its portrait.
As she inspected, she wanted to be sure that the guys knew how to put the corn head back together. 
 The Farm Inspector found a corn cob near the combine and it reminded her of Summertime.
She is a very conscientious inspector of corn.
The Farm Inspector is impressed with the Tracks on the 2388
The Farm Inspector expects that the Ag Analyst will be much braver in 2012. 
The Inspector remembers how hard she worked to be brave when she was little.
Now she loves a combine. 
Even on Sunday. 
Or, maybe, especially on Sunday. 
The Ag Analyst was dubious. 
The Farm Inspector knows that the Ag Analyst will learn.  
She has a good teacher around in the Summertime. 
And The Farm Inspector can hardly wait.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank You Mustangs!

 What is a favorite winter pastime in GriggsDakota?
Watching basketball, of course. 
This season our favorite team played in gyms about three hours away. We traveled over 5000 miles to follow this team through their season. GreaterDakota is a big place.
They didn't pack the stands, but those of us who followed them faithfully have no regrets. 
We are very proud of the Mustangs. 
The biggest boy on the team was also the youngest boy on the team and the youngest boy on any team they played against. 
He was able to learn a lot from the big boys on the team, all of them shorter, but older. 
It wasn't easy, but it was fun. 
Thank you, Mustangs, for making the winter speed by. Hold your heads up high. 
And remember, your days of being the little boy with the big talent are numbered. 
Work hard every day. 
It's the GriggsDakota way.