Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wisdom from Theodore Roosevelt

How can life on the farm be kept on that level, and where it is not already on that level, be so improved, dignified, and brightened as to awaken and keep alive the pride and loyalty
 of the farmer's boys and girls,
 and of the farmer's wife, 
and of the farmer himself?
 It is especially important that whatever will prepare country children for life on the farm,
 and whatever will brighten home life in the country
  and make it richer and more attractive for the mothers, wives and daughters of the farmers should be done promptly, thoroughly, and gladly.
There is no more important person, measured in great influence, than the farmer's wife,
 no more important home than the country home,
and it is of national importance to do the best we can for both.
In a letter to Prof. L. H. Bailey
August 10, 1908

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  1. I love these photos and I love the wise words of our forefather. Thanks Mom!