Friday, January 27, 2012

May Farmer Fred Award-Not 12 Years Old

The plow is synonymous with farming on the Great Plains. It changed the prairie grassland into farmland. However, farming continues to evolve.
The May Farmer Fred Award Runner-up is
Which you can read by clicking on the title.

We have no children anymore. The kids have grown into adults.
The rules have changed and it catches us off guard.
The Farmer Fred Award for May is awarded to
Not 12 years Old

I once was care free, I suppose, 
And yet I cannot recall those days. 
I once had only myself and the garden to take care of,
but it seems there have always been at least brothers and kittens to take care of, besides the garden.
 After I learned to tie my own shoes, I quickly moved on to tying the shoes of those around me. I learned to be vigilant, perhaps because I was small and near the ground, and would jump to tie an untied shoelace when I noticed one. 
 And so it began.
A lifetime of taking care of others.
 It is a common role among women in my family. 
There is so much to take care of. 
Especially, the children.
I had taken care of children long before I became a mother and that was a good thing.
 Motherhood, at least the taking care of the baby part, did not intimidate me. I knew what I was in for when motherhood arrived. 
With help and encouragement from women in the family, it continued. 
As a Mother, I took care of the babies, the toddlers,
and the teenagers for years.
And then, suddenly, it seemed, they stepped away.
 And wanted 
It surprised me.
I wanted to tell them to stop.
Since I didn't really believe they had all the answers, I have perfected a line that I would like to share:
"Excuse me for forgetting that you are not 12 years old." or "Okay, Okay, I forgot that you are no longer 12 years old." There are many variations, but you understand the premise.
Because, they don't mind remembering that they they were once 12 years old and they recall that I was there taking care of them, it works. They also are occasionally brought up short by the realization that they were in fact behaving as if they were 12 years old. That is no longer my responsibility, but who can blame me for reacting with concern? These lines allow me to continue to speak my mind.
Motherhood is a lifetime commitment. Only my children don't understand that. 
But they will. 
Just wait, they will.

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