Wednesday, January 25, 2012

March Farmer Fred Award-Farm Dogs

Although there is a panel of only one expert, Farmer Fred, choosing the Farmer Fred Awards, the farm in GriggsDakota takes a legion of experts plus a large support team to run effectively. The second place post in March reminds us of that fact.  
 The March Farmer Fred Award Runner-up is
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There is an animal on farms that is often taken for granted. The dog is there to notify, patrol, watch children, keep varmints away, and love us. He may be a pedigreed hunter, a cattle chaser, or a sheep herder. Often the dog is just an unwanted mongrel with a good heart chosen from a pen outside the clinic of the area veterinarian. Every farm dog is useful, but they are not pampered. It's an age old game, we never want our dog to know how much we care. Our dogs love even the crabbiest farmers, they are beloved on farms everywhere, but don't tell our dogs. Like everyone else here, they are expected to work. In GriggsDakota it goes against tradition to acknowledge our appreciation aloud. Perhaps that's why...
The March Farmer Fred Award is presented to:

Farm Dogs
Originally posted on March 31, 2011
 For many reasons, farms need dogs.
Sometimes Butler seems to express my feelings better than I can.
 When faced with the choice of whether to laugh or cry, he makes it easier to laugh.
 Dogs don't always understand the game.
In GriggsDakota, through the years they have been on guard for us. 
And been our pets. 
We dressed them fashionably before it was fashionable. 
 They repaid us with unconditional love.
From the very first Pokey, then through a couple more Pokeys, 
 On to Sandy, Kandee, Beau, a couple of Bucks, plus the cattle dogs which is another story for another day, and more, our dogs have been our faithful companions, retrievers, game players, and unfailing friends. A farm is a place where a dog can be a dog. He doesn't need to learn very many manners to be a valuable asset.
Our dogs haven't always come when we called, 
But are here when we need them in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Dogs fit perfectly in farms. The environment is a paradise for them and they provide great overall security.