Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guard Dog On Duty

 Being the guard dog of GriggsDakota keeps Butler very busy. He is responsible for guarding the garbage cans as we drive to the dumpster. Since these photos were taken, the weather has turned into Winter. Last week we basked near 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoons and drove home, one night in the rain. No ice, just rain. Now we are forecast to be 25 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. We've been expecting the change and hoping that there is enough snow on the Winter Wheat to keep it from being damaged.
The cattle are by the road. Some are munching pinto beans. 
Most of the cows are on the corn stubble which is a great treat for mid-January. 
They will be huddled in shelter for a few days as Winter will bite harder than if it had come more gradually. However, the forecast for snow is not too threatening, so we'll have to see if the fields stay open.
We have had intermittent precipitation which can leave a surprise icy spot on the corners. When it gets extremely cold, the ice is less slippery. There are a few benefits to cold weather.
Farmer Fred is in charge of dumping the cans into the dumpster. 
And we begin the drive back to the farm.
Now that the cans are empty Butler can sneak a peek at the cattle. No matter how cold it gets, Butler will never fail to jump in the back of a familiar pickup and go for a ride. 
This is a Winter of happy cows, dogs and people in GriggsDakota.

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  1. What a hardworking fellow! He needs to visit one of these dog grooming Long Island spas though. His fur looks a little dry. This is one of the reasons why I love dogs. They're dependable and playful.