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April Farmer Fred Award-April's Fools in GriggsDakota

Common sense would tell you that there are many lessons to learn on a farm. However, life is full of opportunities and many lessons are learned in more formal settings. 
The April Farmer Fred Award Runner-up is
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Our family experienced a life changing event fifteen years ago. The Flooding in 1997 changed Farmer Fred's life forever. We moved permanently to GriggsDakota. All these years later it is clear we are stronger than we ever could have been without the experience. 
The April Farmer Fred Award is presented to:

April's Fools in GriggsDakota
originally published April 1, 2011

 April seems to have made fools of us this year.
 We are stuck in Winter. April Fools one and all!
We have piles of snow and more forecast for the weekend. This will be followed by our infamous season of mud or possibly, a flood. April Fools! 
 We have been scarred by April, so it is difficult to laugh.
We watched helplessly while April brought a flood to us in 1997. There were endless sandbags. The water and mud were freezing cold. Transfer pumps plugged with ice and melting snow. Eventually the power went out. We were worn out and could not fight with April any longer.
We were not alone and our friends did not die, but the schools were destroyed and the people we knew scattered. April turned us into fools.
We had to go and leave everything behind.
 When we returned, it was still April. There was a mess to clean up. 
We can smell that April flood sometimes:  A mix of fuel oil, sewage, and mud.
 It is very dark and quiet when there is no electricity in an entire town. And very cold. 
Things we thought were safe, were not. April fooled us. 
Places that we thought were ours, were destroyed and left for April to use.
 And we were not alone. There were so many who lost so much in April's flood that year. 
Friends, family, The Red CrossThe Salvation Army, and others came to our rescue.
 Kindness and generosity, impossible to adequately repay, but never forgotten. 
Our lives were never the same. 
 Thanks to April, we are no longer town people who farm.
We are farmers who live on our land. 
No fooling with April, we know that we are not invincible. But April did not destroy us. 
We have fooled April by rebuilding our happy life.
 We are resolved not be brought down by April.
 The Sweet Peas are up. Does April feel fooled?
There are Bells of Ireland growing and Poppies as well. No fooling, April.
We will have flowers after April is gone. 
  We're starting vegetable seeds. April, are we the fools?
 Perhaps, but we now know April's foolishness.
We know what April is capable of. 
And we know what April will bring.
We'll get by even when April Fools us again, in GriggsDakota.

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