Friday, January 20, 2012

Announcing The Farmer Fred Awards - 2011

Farmer Fred has been busy evaluating the blog posts of 2011 from GriggsDakota and is ready to make his announcement of monthly winners. The prestigious Farmer Fred Awards will be announced on GriggsDakota during the coming days. Click Here to visit the exciting announcement from 2010.  
The Farm Inspector has looked things over.
The Ag Analyst has done all the analysis.
Hunter has given his stamp of approval to the opinion of our panel of one expert: Farmer Fred. 
Farmer Fred reviewed all of the 257 posts from 2010 and chose two from each month as winners. The runner up will be honored by allowing readers to click into its contents. The top prize winning post from each month will be republished.  
 Be sure to let us know what you think. We welcome comments and suggestions about the awards. Butler and I do not agree with all of the choices, but we respect the panel's expertise.
This is a Farm Blog, after all. Farmer Fred is a farmer. I hope you will join us as we present a warm bouquet of GriggsDakota sunshine to the winners of  
The Farmer Fred Awards for 2011. 

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