Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Is "No Snow" in December?

We claim to have no snow in GriggsDakota. 
The cattle are grazing on the corn ground unimpeded by the white stuff. 
Snow cover is relative. There is a little snow on our cold ground.
In GriggsDakota, this is snow. 
And this is no snow. 
No snow. 
Some call it a Nebraska Winter, mostly sunny and pleasant. 
Some folks call it and open winter, where all the ground remains accessible into snow season. 
The cattle don't care what we call it, it's clear to see how they enjoy it. 
The ragged old shelter belts offer a bit of protection from wind. 
The grass around the trees make a pleasant place to bed down. 
So, call it whatever you want. We are enjoying the Winter in GriggsDakota.


  1. I find it interesting (read funny) that you call it a Nebraska winter. I'm from the northern part of Nebraska and typically our winters are not "open". That being said, right now it is. We've had some snow, but over the last week, it's melted already. Whatever the reason, some parts of me wish we had tons of snow (the moisture would be a great blessing), but mostly I'm glad it's not icy and blowing snow.

  2. We are enjoying an open winter in NW South Dakota also! Love the mild temps and good roads.

    I can report, becuse my folks ranch in Nebraska, that parts of Nebraska have snow cover. I think Dad said they got around 6 inches last week.


  3. Regional slang and the weather are interesting and sometimes funny. We're smiling about our long warm Fall with little snow, but really don't expect to stay out of the deep cold all Winter. We are hoping for enough snow to cover the Winter Wheat before that hits. As always, nature gets the final say and the last laugh. Thank you for reading and commenting on our blog!