Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trouble with Roads

December has been lovely and we have especially enjoyed the open roads. This year has not been easy to travel until we were nearing the finish line. 
Butler remembers 2011 as the year when the roads were difficult. 
They were covered with snow all winter. 
More snow seemed to fall every night. 
 And every day.
It made for a long cold road. 
Because moving snow and keeping roads open is work. 
As April arrived, the sun grew stronger. 
But the snow was relentless. 
 It melted to slush.
 And then began flooding.
Greater Dakota endured record flooding. Please visit Roads To Nowhere to see the flooding around Devils Lake.
 In GriggsDakota it was a bother.
 But not a record.
We endured. 
We tried not to mind the muddy roads, because we knew others were suffering in every direction. 
We expected things would dry out any day and we would again need rain. 
Even August gave us too much rain. 
The roads continued to flood. 
Until deep into Fall
When the water receded and the land dried up.
Our roads became firmer and drier as harvest progressed. If this were Summertime, we would be thirsty in GriggsDakota. This time of year, the ground, lakes, sloughs, and streams are frozen. The moisture content is pretty stable. Every road is open. The snow plows are idle. The shovels are standing at attention in the garage. For as long as it lasts, we intend to enjoy it. In GriggsDakota we appreciate an open road.