Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pouring Cement

A few weeks ago I looked out the window and saw a blue monster in my yard, I had no idea they were pouring cement.
But that is exactly what was happening. 
It was an impressive operation. 
Modern cement pouring is very different from the operation we used when I was young. My dad poured his own cement, then let us all put our hands and initials in the wet cement. It had to be near the edge. We weren't allowed to walk on it. The work is still there today, lasting evidence that I once had small childish hands.
 I sneaked around to see what was going on and there were several guys making sure the pad was level and smooth.
I didn't dare go and ask if I could put my handprint or my initials in the wet cement. These guys were all business. 
 I didn't even dare ask where the man in the Carhartt jacket got his cool glasses.
Last Saturday I saw Santa Claus giving out special glasses that allowed children to see elves when they looked at lights. Some kids were pretty excited to see that the elves were everywhere! Who knew?
Too bad the Farm Inspector wasn't in GriggsDakota that day, we could have had the elves help us give this cold gray cement some personality.


  1. my brother-in-law has a concrete business. it's quite an operation. and it's fun to watch all the equipment, especially when they use a conveyor. my son loves it!

  2. Dear Aimee, Thank you for your frequent comments on our blog. Farmer Fred and I always enjoy your notes and really appreciate that you take the time to read GriggsDakota. We hope all is well with you and yours.