Friday, December 16, 2011

Grandpa's Granary

It had gotten to be a bit of an eye sore. 
The old granary is filled with history and we couldn't watch it fall. It felt as if we would lose a bit of ourselves.
The story was that it had been in GriggsDakota since the beginning of the farm.
It needed some historic restoration, help of some kind. 
So we decided to start with a new roof  and add few new touches here and there. 
 We don't need it to store grain anymore. But we can't seem to make up our minds to live without it.
A jack, some rocks and blocks of wood helped square it with the world. 
 The lean-to was too far gone to worry about. It was not an original part of the building.
The carpenter reported it is actually two smaller buildings put together. 
He believes it is certainly one of the oldest structures in the area. 
So it has a new roof, with new boards and shingles. We added some new metal pieces to help protect the old boards. It's ready to stand for a long time into the future. I hope it is preserved for as long as there is farming to do and people to feed in the world.
The humble building Grandpa Sonny calls, 
"My Grandpa's Granary." 

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  1. Makes me proud to see it all fixed up and still standing! way to go Mom!