Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From Your Fans In GriggsDakota

We have missed our favorite tractor driver. If you would like to know what Robbie has been up to read
 He Had Me At.... by Naomi Dunavan.
 Naomi writes a blog and column called "In the Spirit" and published an update on Robbie in her December 9, 2011 posting. The link here seems a little unsure so if you can't click in, go to: The Grand Forks Herald website, click into Blogs from the homepage and then  "In the Spirit."  There is a smiling photo of him there that makes his GriggsDakota fans so proud.
Robbie is the inventor of the "automatic lawn mower" which he designed by pulling the lawnmower in the above picture backwards with his pedal tractor. He then came up with an "automatic rake" which was a regular hand rake tied behind his Big Wheel. He was always full of ideas, but playing the guitar and singing has always been one of his best ideas. Now he can add placing in a talent contest to his list of accomplishments. As his mother I can confirm that he loved music even before he was born. He certainly was dancing when I attended concerts while he was in production.
 Congratulations Robbie, from your fans in GriggsDakota.

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