Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For the Love of Horses

Is there anyone who doesn't appreciate horses?  
Everyone dreams of throwing on a saddle and riding off into the sunset. 
 It's a long standing tradition on farms and ranches to introduce city cousins to the joys of horseback riding.
It's fun to harness a horse and drive it through a parade route filled with enthusiastic bystanders. 
 It's fun, even when no one is watching.
But the horse industry in the US has been under attack by those who don't understand the ramifications of their misguided actions. Please read Unwanted Horses Would Suffer If Not for Buyers  by Sue Wallis. The article was carried in AgWeek, one of Greater Dakota's fine weekly papers.
We love horses in GriggsDakota and we support the restoration of the horse industry in the United States of America. There are hungry people in the world without enough protein in their diet. This resource should not be wasted. 
Humane treatment? Of course, always, for all animals, from beginning to end. But the earth is too fragile to be wasteful.


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  3. Is this still an issue now? Let me know as I'm interested about this issue.