Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Durango Boots Arrived in GriggsDakota

When I was contacted by Country Outfitter I was very skeptical.  
The email in my box said that they wanted to send me a pair of Durango Boots at no cost to me.  Well, free is my favorite price. I replied that if the boots actually arrived in my mailbox, no one would be more surprised than I would be. I sent my size and a few preferences in the reply.  
Before long the box arrived containing Durango Western Boots in a color that is called mushroom arrived in GriggsDakota. This is one of their most popular boot styles and colors. I quickly learned why that is true.  Follow the links to check them out. I noticed that Country Outfitter accepts Paypal as a method of payment, along with major credit cards. 
Brand new and comfortable from the first wearing. I could hardly believe my good fortune. 
I was asked to do a review and to be totally honest. Easy enough for me, I am known to be opinionated. I have worn the boots most of the time for a couple of weeks. They have been to school and a few basketball games. I wore them to a concert and to church. They have walked through a couple of shopping malls and into a couple of corn fields. I wore them around the house and farm. I purposely scuffed the bottoms to be sure they were not too slippery, but they can still slide through a two-step. This job is easy, the boots are comfortable. The color "mushroom" is more brown than gray, but just enough gray to look good with black. That is important to me. I found the color matches the neutral tones of buttons and trim on some of my jackets and vests. So, I wore the boots on the outside of my skinny jeans and inside my old corduroys.
 What is inside a Durango Boot? These have a leather lined shaft and a comfortable insole. 
The boots contained cardboard boot trees with information on how to register and possibly win more boots. That sounds like fun. 
After a couple of weeks of daily wear my boots are a bit scuffed, which is what I would expect considering the places they've been and the things they have walked through. Easy to shine, these leather boots will last for years. I can honestly say that even if I had paid full price for this pair of Durango Boots, I would happily give them a permanent spot in my wardrobe. 
Welcome to GriggsDakota.

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