Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Darkest Week

 The water in the photo above is frozen solid, but the air is so pleasant that I can feel Springtime.
If it were Springtime, the sun would join us before midmorning and would shine into the evening.
 It's a brown December in GriggsDakota.
It is the first time we have had no snow for Christmas in over fifty years.
It gives us another reason to rejoice. 
 I know some people are longing for snow.
During the very short days of December, we are used to the reflection of snow to provide light in the darkness. 
Moon light, starlight, yard light, or flash light is enough light to see in a snow covered world. 
This year, the ground is dark long before the sky. 
 Over the river and over the woods to anyone's land they go.
With no snow on the ground, the road conditions are never in question. Travel plans are definite and easy. 
No snow to move saves hours of time every day. The grain hauling is nearly done. 
Taking care of cattle is simple. This gal was spending her afternoon looking for a hole in the fence. It's hard to believe that our record low temperatures are seventy degrees fahrenheit colder than it is today.
So it's easy to count our blessings in GriggsDakota, even in the dark. 
As easy as walking on water in dark December.


  1. Really beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for the great poetry and beautiful pictures!

  2. Found you via Aimee over at Everyday Epistle and subscribed and linked to your blog.. Love your blog and looking forward to future posts. Come visit me sometime at RodneySouthernSays if you get the chance! Great pics!