Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrating Together

The residents around GriggsDakota take Christmas very seriously. We want our town to shine with the true Spirit of Christmas. The local Homemakers Club, of which I am a member, organized a Christmas Day in our city auditorium. All money raised would be put into the 
City Christmas Decoration Fund.
The term city is used loosely here. The city's population is around 300. 
Local businesses and generous individuals brought their own items to display. One very ambitious woman made all of the quilts that you will see in the photos. It is an impressive number of quilts and I cannot imagine how much time she has spent on them, over the years. 
Most of the tables had a theme and the name of the sponsor. 
The sponsors or owners were responsible to set up and take down their own treasures. 
The homemakers members kept a close eye on guests to be sure that there was no touching. 
This tree caught my eye. I couldn't believe with how cute it was. 
It was put up by the Lutheran Ladies and featured the products used in school kits that are assembled and sent to Lutheran World Relief each year. 
It was a nice reminder of what a big difference a few simple supplies can make to a child in need. 
 From a distance, the glowing tree fit right in with the others.
Someone brought in several manger scenes to display. Each one was different. 
Another local church reminded us that church goers are thrilled with the freedom to worship and celebrate Christmas. God Bless America!
In the basement, we were collecting donations, registering for door prizes, and selling lunch. 
 The city band gathered to play a few Christmas Carols.
It didn't take long for us to lose our breath, so some poetry was read while we took a breather between numbers. 
Farmer Fred came in and bought a box full of cookies. We sold lots of cookies and baking. We also assembled plates of assorted cookies to give to area shut ins and others who might not otherwise have Christmas goodies to enjoy. 
The kids came to share some of their Christmas Program songs. 
Old Faithful was on the piano, of course. Did you notice that she was also playing the trumpet in the band?
It was gratifying for me to see the paper sheets that I had hand lettered many years ago were still on my old flip chart as the children sang. Some of you remember those days.
I have heard that the Christmas Season tends to magnify the feelings in your heart.
That is why so many people who have sadness, struggle through December. If that is the case for you, dear reader, I sympathize. I, too, have experienced sadness during this season. Walking though the days is sometimes difficult for me. Participating and contributing makes a big difference, I have found. I don't think that there is a complete resolution for the emotions of the season. 
Just keep walking through the days and never lose hope.
 The support of friends, family, church, and community are all important. 
I hope your heart finds joy and love this Christmas. I pray that you find the baby in the manger. 
 Many are working to make it a 
Happy Christmas For All 
in GriggsDakota.

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  1. What a lovely, compassionate Christmas message. Merry Christmas and God's bessings to you all in GriggsDakota!