Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Will You Ever Be Hungry?

I think I can honestly answer that I have never been hungry. Although I have experienced hunger pangs, they are always easily satisfied. If I wait for more than a few minutes to satisfy the hunger I experience, it is a choice based on meal time or a treat. Food is accessible to me any time I care to eat. Ah, but who knows what the future holds. Will we be hungry?
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. We will pause, gather, pray, and eat. Most people will eat a Turkey Dinner. Many of us will eat too much. Leftovers are more of a problem than a shortage of food. 
In our bountiful land, on this day before we celebrate Thanksgiving, I would like you to take time to watch a short video about farmers who are thinking about the land and feeding the world.

(Video found here.)

 Then find the kitchen and offer to help whoever is cooking.


  1. Excellent post and video! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Its amazing how many people will say they are "starving," especially kids but I have been blessed and know that I haven't had real hunger pains. That's part of the reason I'm happy to contribute to helping others have food on their plates. There is always something that can be done to lend a hand and this is the season where need is all around us as temps drop. Thanks for the reminder.