Monday, November 28, 2011

Volunteer Wheat Heading

 In nearby Greater Dakota I noticed this field of wheat on the day before Thanksgiving.
It appears to be volunteer growth. That is, it has grown from seed that was spilled during the harvesting of the 2011 Spring Wheat crop. 
Volunteer growth from grain lost in this manner is common on the plains. What is uncommon in our area is to see it head out through the Fall. It would normally freeze down long before the heads could form. You can see that it would not yield much. The seed from which it grew was small and not a big yield loss to the harvest.
 2011 has given us a beautiful Fall.
This will provide food for birds and wildlife through the Winter. The sight inspired me. And I imagine all the wild creatures in the area, including me, are thankful.


  1. How beautiful. That's alotta spilled wheat! :)

  2. wonderful post. loved that you noticed this seemingly insignificant detail that will be such an important and kind provision. every time I visit your site, I'm inspired by your still and beautiful life on the prairie...