Monday, November 14, 2011

Rifles Sited In and Working

There are still deer hiding in GriggsDakota if you know where to look. 
The last two Winters have been very cold and snowy and have definitely decreased the number of deer we see.
There are no longer deer hiding everywhere I look. 
The hunters have been doing pretty well this year, although they have been working more diligently and walking farther. 
This place is a key to hunter's success. 
It's the GriggsDakota gravel pit where family and friends site in their rifles. 
It gets noisy as shots echo back to the shooter, but an easy place to get things set properly. 
There is no danger of missing and sending a shot flying aimlessly through the air as the gravel is there to absorb the misses.
Jake brought home the nicest buck I've seen so far this season. Although I'm not going to take its picture, the body is even more impressive than the rack. It will provide meat for his family's table all Winter. 
The hard Winters seem to have made the racks on deer smaller this year. They also are not symmetical. Remember that the racks are shed and regrow each year, so suffering in a long cold Winter can affect the growth. However, that is as close to a smile as I ever see on Jake and that is good enough in GriggsDakota. 

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  1. Nice gravel pit, very similar to ours here. Sounds like the zombie hordes are attacking the two weeks leading up to deer season.
    Our deer numbers are good this season, but our TPWD is recommending we take all we can, due to our massive drought the food won't be there for next yrs crop. Soooo, we will do our part to help.