Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Preparing for Trees

A couple of years ago I wrote a blogpost titled Trees In Straight Lines. It contains history and information about our love affair with trees in GriggsDakota. It has become Farmer Fred's favorite GriggsDakota posting. If you have not read it, just click on the title to follow the link.
 Out here, where trees struggle to grow, we like to plant them in straight lines.
 It's a battle for those of us who love trees, because trees rarely last for generations. Too much rain and too little rain combined with relentless wind and harsh Winters take their toll.
Trees die easily and are reduced to Wood Chips 
Or Fire Wood. 
 But we just can't stop planting trees in GriggsDakota.
We love trees in every season. 
We appreciate trees of every color. 
We can hardly believe that some are able to stay green during our Winter. 
Although their dead branches blow into our fields, we like to see them on the land in straight lines. 
I guess we like straight lines. 
 We like straight roads.
And a straight horizon. 
 No winding path to confuse us in GriggsDakota.
It is easy to use the sun as a guide to where you are going. 
 Straight lines help us to steer by our own star.
 Even on the road less traveled,
We can see what is important 
And take off with confidence.  
So we are preparing to plant more trees in straight lines next Spring. 
 The tired old trees are a good spot for a rock pile and will keep us in firewood for a long time.
This Winter we will be dreaming of seedlings that will one day become Trees in Straight Lines for GriggsDakota.

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