Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Many Birds are Going South

The Central Flyway is busy again. 
 Like seasonal breathing, birds migrate.
These photos are of geese, snows with some blues mixed among them. 
Resting on their journey down from the Arctic where they spent the Summer, South to spend the Winter.  
 Although these birds will keep flying South, there are some little birds that fly down here from the Arctic and spend the Winter. They are called Snow Buntings and they are explained by Mike Jacobs in the Grand Forks Herald if you follow the link. I noticed a flock of them the other day which probably means Winter has arrived up there.
But Winter has not arrived here.  
The mornings have been frosty, but the day warms.
As long as the snow stays away, the afternoon highs can climb up into the forties or fifties. 
If snow accumulates that will change quickly. 
We will likely drop into a deep freeze. 
 Many people, especially older folks, have joined the birds and flown South for the Winter. 
 But some of us like the weather in GriggsDakota
and don't mind watching them go.

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