Friday, November 4, 2011

Hunters Are Hopeful

Today is the start of deer hunting season in GriggsDakota.
There will be more traffic on the roads in GriggsDakota than any other weekend of the year. 
Most of the visitors will be packing rifles.
There are fewer deer around this season than there have been in several years, but there are enough to knock the fence wire down regularly. 
There were fewer licenses issued by the Game and Fish Department which gives the deer population a chance to recover. 
Before a hunter steps onto private land that is posted with signs,  permission must be obtained. Remember, this is one of our favorite holiday weekends, too. Farmers and Ranchers have attentive families and lots of friends during hunting season.
Here's a tip:  If a woman answers the door and denies access to posted land, it does not improve your chances to hunt if you ask where her husband is.
There is a forecast of snow for Saturday and into Sunday which usually cuts down on the number of hunters, but makes tracking deer easier. This is the weekend that the clocks "fall back" an hour, so there will be an extra hour of time for resting after sundown.
You never know where hunters might be hiding. The permitted hunters expect that they know exactly where all the other people on the parcel of land are located. Do not assume that because you know who owns the land that you can hunt.
It's always a good idea to wear blaze orange, even when you are not hunting. A blaze orange vest and hat or sweatshirt are valuable investments when you  live in GriggsDakota. 
Of course, the boys don't always listen to me.
Hunters:  Please be sure to identify your target, before you pull the trigger.
Be careful and we will all have happy hunting stories to tell on Monday.

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