Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to: Winter Window Dressing

I couldn't resist ornaments at 90% off! This is metal and too big and heavy for our tree, but looks like a quilt
So I bought six. I tied them, evenly spaced, on a jute string similar to their hanging string. Advice:  Leave a yard of string on each end of the knots, which you can trim later if you wish. Measure the length between knot one on the left and knot six on the right.
I dug around my Christmas stuff and found this length of artificial berries. Any length of artificial roping would work.  It needs to be at least as long as the string length between knot one and knot six.
 I pounded a tack firmly into the corner on each side of the window frame.
 Then hung the ornaments from corner to corner.
Be sure your nail is securely anchored and that your knot is securely tied onto the nail. 
Add the roping by folding it in half and starting in the middle of the window.

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  1. I love these charms on the window hanging by its ceiling. They are good decors for the season too.