Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hauling Barley Already

Last year we were just finishing up corn harvest on November 10. Click here to visit last year's post.  
 This year we have had a dry Fall and finished up earlier. That, combined with a smaller barley harvest in our area, means we are already emptying our bins and hauling it in.
The wind was blowing sharply from the Northwest causing chaff to blow around as Farmer Fred climbs onto the Kenworth truck that is being filled.
As each section of the truck fills, Farmer Fred drives the truck forward a few feet. 
That way the box fills completely and the load is even. 
First he will fill the truck, then the pup trailer that he pulls behind. 
The trucks will be on the road all week.
 Never fear, there will be beer, and some of it will be brewed with barley from GriggsDakota.

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  1. Horray! Beer! Horray Red Stripe! As I was reading this that was the commercial that was on!