Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Santa

The Farm Inspector informed us that it is time to get ready for Santa.
She was not referring to writing a letter of wishes or baking cookies. She informed us that her daddy had cleaned their chimney, so it was ready for Santa.
  Butler came out with me and thought that perhaps Santa had already arrived. 
 But Farmer Fred looks forward to Santa's visit as much as anyone.
He climbed up on the roof with his chimney sweep brush to make sure it was clean and ready for Santa. 
Farmer Fred also took a camera up on the house top with him. It was a beautiful evening, no ice or snow or wind or cold. 
 There is green in the Winter Wheat field.
I stayed on the ground. The scene has changed in the last few days and there is white on the ground in GriggsDakota.
There won't be ripples on the lake for a while. We will be dealing with hard water in the next few months.
The Ag Analyst and the Farm Inspector are happy to report that their chimneys are ready and waiting.

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  1. Your daughters are too cute! We usually hire chimney cleaners to do clean ours. I fear my husband might fall off. Kudos to Fred!